Vertical Computerized Spring Torsion Testing Machine

Item No.: ZCTZ-WL2000Nmm
Vertical Computerized Spring Torsion Testing Machine  is mainly used for torsion spring and elastic element torque detection. The tested parts are installed between the fixtures of the adjustable space and can adapt to the test of the torsional mechanical
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Software Advantages of Vertical Computerized Spring Torsion Testing Machine:
  1. Point-by-point access to curve data can be made with the mouse to obtain various data. Torque and torsion angle curve can reflect the relationship between any point of torque - angle, can be easily found in the curve of the data points sought; can easily reduce the local amplification of the curve and so on.
  2. According to need, the torque and angle measuring channel can be manually or automatically cleared at any time
  3. Automatic save: test conditions, test data are automatically saved, and can be recalled at any time when needed
  4. Batch test: After the test conditions are set, one batch of samples can be tested in sequence. Test conditions, sample parameters, test data, results can be stored, called at any time, no need to set again.
Vertical Computerized Spring Torsion Testing Machine Technical Specification:
1.Measuring range of torque: 0~2000Nmm
2.Min reading value of torque: 0.1Nmm
3.Min reading value of torsion angle:0.01°
4.Relative error of indicating value: ≤±1% (Forward and contrarotation directions)
5.Relative error of repeatability: ≤1%(Forward and contrarotation directions)
6.The distance between loading plate and torque plate is adjustable.
7.Specimen holding method: Providing mandrel according to user's spring sample 
8.When the tester exceeds 3% to 5% of the rated maximum torque, the tester will automatically stop

Vertical Computerized Spring Torsion Testing Machine Working Condition:
1.At room temperature 20°C±10°C, relative humidity ≤80%.
2.Placed on a solid foundation.
3.In a clean environment where there is no vibration, no corrosive medium, and no strong electromagnetic field interference.
4.The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage should not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage.


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