Touch type spring fatigue testing machine

This testing machine is mainly suitable for axial fatigue life test of various spiral cylindrical springs, gas springs, elastomers, elastic components and other components.
Description Features Main Technical Parameters Main Parts Configuration
This machine is the sixth generation product newly launched by our company in 2019. It has been improved in structure, function and appearance, especially the control system has been comprehensively upgraded, which makes it more convenient and reliable for users in the test process, far ahead of other similar products.
1 it is convenient to adjust the amplitude and frequency according to the technical requirements of axial fatigue of various springs, elastomers, elastic components and other components;
2 industrial touch screen control panel, Chinese character operation, test times and frequency can be preset according to requirements, which can realize automatic shutdown of preset test times, and continue to start up the last test;
3 the test interface of the latest touch control system can refresh the changing trend of load over time in real time, which is the first function in the industry (this is optional and load sensor should be added);
4 displacement sensor is added to measure the change of sample deformation with the number of tests in real time;The amplitude of the test can also be calibrated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test (this is optional).
5 fault shutdown function, emergency shutdown protection function, overcurrent and overvoltage protection function.
1.Main Spec.max forceN: 2000
2.Max test longitudinal space: 200mm(Can be customized)
3.Max test lateral space: 100mm(Can be customized)
4.Frequency range: 05Hz
5.Test frequency: According to the actual sample
6. Max deformationmm: 100
7.Counting capacity: 999999999
8.Count stop accuracy: ±1
9.Test working position: single working position: According to the spring size and force valueStandard configuration:1
10.Size and weight of 2kN testing machine600*450*1000mm200kg
11. Power supplyAC 220V±10%   50Hz (Can be customized) 
1.Testing machine  :1setIncluding machining parts, optical axis 1 set
2.Eccentric wheel, transmission rod: 1set
3.Bearing seating (including bearing) : 1set
4. ZCMCU controller: 1set
5.Sheet metal shell, electrical system: 1set
6.Precision AC servo motor: 1pc
7.AC servo motor drive: 1pc
8.Worm Gear Screw Lift to adjust the space  : 1set
9.Lubrication road tube
10.Random tools, test fixtures        each 1set
11.Technical documents              1 piece