Spring torsion tester

It is mainly used for testing torsion Angle and torque of torsion spring, volute spring, elastic element and friction mechanism.It can measure not only the torque corresponding to a certain torque Angle, but also the torsion Angle corresponding to a certa
Description Function introduction Technical parameters
Vertical Automatic Spring Torsion Testing Machine Advantages:
1.Real-time display of torque, peak value, torsional angle.
2.With peak value hold: the test torque gradually increases from 0, the system defaults to a new experiment, automatically records the peak of the test.
3.The control method is simple, not only suitable for accurate measurement in the laboratory, but also suitable for batch detection of production lines.
4.Electronic hand wheel control, multi-speed control; manual operation is divided into 10 shift, automatic operation, any shift speed (for automatic models).
5.Up to 10 test points can be set, the test results can show torsional stiffness.
6.Can realize constant torque test twist angle, set torque test torque 2 functions.
7.Preset pre-tightening torque can be realized in automatic mode, the torsion angle is automatically cleared, and the test automatically returns to the initial state.
8.The first domestic large LCD screen, the torque and torsion curve can synchronization display, can directly see the torsion spring mechanical properties.
9.With sensor overload protection: In order to protect the safety of sensors and mechanical components, when the torque received by the sensor reaches the upper limit of the set torque, it will beep, if it is running, the system will automatically run in the opposite direction until the torque is within the normal range, then will stop.
10.Up to 50 sets of data can be stored, and data such as torque, torsion angle, and stiffness can be printed.

Spec. 2000Nmm
Drive Precision stepper motor
Drive structure Reducer
Control unit Micro-control system, industrial-grade LCD display, multi-function buttons.
Data processing Automatic collection, processing, can save, query, and print.
Measuring range 1%-100%FS
Torque resolution 0.01 Nmm
Relative error of torque zero point ±0.1%
Relative error of torque indicating value ±0.5%
Relative error of torque indication repeatability ±1%
Torsion angle resolution 0.1°
Error of torsion angle indicating value ±1%°
Optical pulse number 2500
Max specimen height 120mm
Diameter of torsion plate 135mm
Size of testing machine About 510×300×480mm
Net weight of testing machine About 50kg
Power supply AC 220V±10%  50Hz
Protection function Sensor overload protection
Noise ≤50dBA
Grade of testing machine Grade 1