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Service philosophy
Customer first, service attentively
1, pre-sales service
We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of product usage and customer requirements, providing users with the most detailed, most suitable and cost-effective design solutions, making it the most convenient for customers to choose the products they need.

2, sales service
We have dedicated follow-up personnel for each project, timely understanding of the production process, and coordination with the customer to prepare for on-site installation. In the production process, the quality control personnel of Zhongchuang Company will strictly control each process, which can ensure strict quality management and control of all the links in the design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, packaging, installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment to ensure the whole process. Implement the ISO9001 quality assurance system.

3, after sales service
After-sales service during the warranty period:
After the installation and commissioning of the equipment is completed, the supplier can answer the questions in the use of the demanded product by telephone, written or other contact at any time.
Regular return visit service:
At least every customer service staff/sales personnel conduct after-sales return visits every year, perform on-site inspections on the running equipment, timely discover hidden dangers in equipment operation, reduce the probability of equipment failure, and ensure the stable operation of customer equipment.