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Item No.: ZCTL-Z1000N
The test space, platen diameter ,max force value can be customized according to actual requirements.
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The test space, platen diameter ,max load can be customized according to actual requirements.

This testing machine is mainly used to measure the tensile test and compression test of various coil springs. It can test both the spring load under a certain deformation and the spring deformation under a certain load.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 1000N
Display type 7 inch LCD display with touch screen
Measuring range 1%-100%
Load resolution 0.1N
Relative error of zero point ±0.1%
Relative error of test force indicating value ±1.0%
Relative error of indicating value repeatability of test force 1.0%
Resolution of displacement 0.001mm
Test space 300mm
Plate OD 100mm
Parallelism error of up and down pressure plate ≤0.10 mm
Test speed range 0.01mm/min-500mm/min
Error of deformation indication value ≤±50+0.15L
Dimensions About 434*275*850mm
Weight About 90kg
Protection function Over-load protection function
Power supply AC 220V±10%  50Hz

Software Functions

The self-developed program software provides four test methods.The tester can automatically combine the pressure plate to zero and set the deviation range in advance to judge automatically whether the spring is qualified or not. With mechanical, program overload protection. Test data can be queried, saved and printed.


Mechanical Parts

1. Mechanical parts have high processing precision, sufficient material, and high stiffness

2. The pressure plate is processed by grinding machine, and the parallelism is less than 0.1mm.

3. The pressure plate has a high hardness by quenching.

4. Screw, optical axis and other parts are higher than ordinary universal tensile machine, the strength of column is high, which can reduce the error of spring test.

1.ZCTEST is a set of measurement and control software specially developed for the spring tension and compression testing machine, which integrates data acquisition, motion control and data analysis. It has completely independent copyright;
2. Compared with the previous generation software, it has better human-computer interaction, higher test accuracy, stronger stability and higher test efficiency;
3. Human-computer interaction full touch input mode, can use three modes of click, double-click, keyboard input, realize command issuing, parameter input and other operations, more in line with current operating habits;
4. List the display sensor conversion data, refresh the data in real time, double-click to clear, keyboard settings and other operations;
5. Adaptive display of test waveforms, complete playback of data during the test process, suitable for both rapid detection and laboratory accurate analysis;
6. The button control is divided into one-key trigger and long-press trigger according to the function. For the complete function control, one-button trigger is used to realize automatic control; for motion control, long-press trigger is used to improve safety and prevent misoperation;
7. Have detailed test data for analysis, including measuring points, results, lower limit of allowable upper limit, judgment, piecewise stiffness, average stiffness, average compliance, free height;
8. Four test methods, two test types, backhaul detection, reciprocating test, etc.;
9. The whole process of the test runs at a constant speed to avoid the interference of the machine acceleration and deceleration on the test force, and the true reduction test process;
10. The system comes with a sample library, preset 20 kinds of samples, the user can set the corresponding parameters according to the requirements, can be directly transferred during the test, improve the test efficiency and reduce the operation difficulty;
11. The test data is automatically stored, and 100 sets of data can be stored, which can be viewed, printed, and exported.
12. Motion control sampling full digital sine wave control, smooth and no impact, faster response;
13. Based on fast sensor data conversion, high-speed parallel disk can be performed, and the compression height zero point can be set with one button;
14. Double protection of load sensor to prevent erroneous operation and damage to sensor and mechanical structure;
15. Load units include Newton (N), kilonewton (kN), gram force (gf), kilogram force (kgf), pound force (lbf), kilogram force (kip) 6 international common units, users can according to demand Set by yourself;

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