Ring Stiffness Testing Machine Series

This machine is fully in line with the requirements of GB/T 21238 Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Mortar Pipes and GB/T 9647 Thermoplastics Pipes-Determination of Ring Stiffness. It is an ideal equipment for all quality inspection departments and producti
      Zhongchuang use dual sensor test force value, which can well reduce the single sensor's test error caused by the deformation of the pipe. The measuring device equipped with ring stiffness internal deformation can accurately measure the deformation of the pipe.
Technical Specifications:
Model ZCHY-S/W Series
Capacity (kN) 20 50 100
Test range 1%-100% FS
  Speed range (mm/min)
Test space (mm) 600-3000 (Customized according to pipe diameter)
Size of pressure plate Customized according to pipe size
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