Parts Torsion Testing Machine

Product Introduction:
This machine is mainly used to detect clutches, automotive hoses, seat belt spindles, automotive rotary buttons, tensioners, tensioners, insulators, force limiters, flywheels, valves, bushings, pulleys, driveshafts.
Technical Specifications:
            Model ZCNZ-Z/W Series
Capability (N. m) 100/200/300/500/1000/2000/5000
Relative error of torsion repeatability (%) ±1.0
Minimum reading value of the torsion angle (°) 0.01
Measurement range of torsion angle (°) 0-10000
Torsion speed (°/min) 2/3/5
Test space (mm) 1000
Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Note: In addition, some special parts need to be tested for comprehensive performance: Compression and torsion test bench / Bending and torsion test bench / Tension and torsion test bench