Computer Controlled Servo Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine Series Dynamic and Static Universal Testing Machine / Dynamic and Static Fatigue Testing Mac

Product Introduction:
This machine is mainly used to test dynamic and static mechanical properties of various metals, non-metals (high-strength plastic rubber seals element, etc.), composite materials and components. It can perform tensile, compression,
Technical Specifications:
ZCPL-W Series
Max test force dynamics (kN) ±5±10±20±100±200±500±1000
Dynamic fluctuation
  •                    ±1%FS
Accuracy of static values Accuracy of indication from 20% per file±1%
Accuracy of test force values Within the scope of 1% to 100% FS±1.0%
Frequency range (Hz) 0.001-300
Amplitude of the actuator ±75-150mm, accuracy of indication±0.5%FS
Constant pressure servo pump station 15-100L/min,21Mpa,7.5-110kw
Control method
Force, displacement/deformation full digital PID closed-loop control, smooth switching