Computer Controlled Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

This machine is widely used in the mechanical testing of tensile, compression, bending and shearing of metal, non-metal materials or other components, such as bolts, steel bars, chains, plates, bolts, castings, forgings, metal tubes. The machine can accur
Capacity (kN) 100 300 600 1000
Test range 1%-100%FS / 4%-100%FS
Relative error of test force (%) ±1
Accuracy of deformation (%FS) ±0.5
Resolution of test forcekN 0.01
Tensile space(mm) 550 600
Compression space(mm) 500
Clamping method
Manual / Automatic hydraulic clamping
Clamping diameter of round specimen (mm) Φ6-26 Φ13-40 Φ26-60
Clamping thickness of flat specimen (mm) 0-15 0-30 0-40
Maximum clamping width of flat specimen (mm) 70 75 75
Shear sample diameter (mm) 10
Size of upper and lower pressure plate (mm) Φ160 (Alternative 204*204)
Maximum distance of bending fulcrum (mm) 450
Distance between two columns of tensile space (mm) 450 650 750
Size (mm) 720*580*1950 720*580*1950 830*700*2100 900*710*2200
Net weight (kg) 2100 3000 4000