50KN Computer Control Wood-based Panel Universal Testing Machine

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Product Introduction
This machine is used for internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength, surface bonding strength, tensile strength, bending strength, static bending strength, elastic modulus, screw holding force test, and shear performance test for wood-based panels.

Main Parameters:
1. Max test force: 10KN 50KN
2. Level: Level 1
3. The allowable error limit of the indicated value: within ±1% of the indicated value
4. Measuring range: 2%~100%FS of full scale
5. Limit error of displacement indication: within ±1% of indication
6. Displacement resolution: 0.01mm
7. Displacement speed adjustment range: 0.01-500mm/min
8. Stretching space: 0-700mm
9. Dimensions (length × width × height): 750 × 530 × 1820 (mm)
10. Software and user interface: software and interactive man-machine dialogue operation interface under WINDOWSXP operating environment
11. The test process and measurement, display, analysis, control, etc. are all completed by the microcomputer
12. After the sample is damaged, the moving beam automatically stops moving (or automatically returns to the initial position)
13. With program control and mechanical two-level limit protection
14. When the load exceeds 3~5% of the rated value, it will automatically stop
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