5000N Digital Packing Belt Tensile Testing Machine

Item No.: ZCL-5000N
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Product Description:
This machine is suitable for the tensile test of various packing belts. It can also be used for tensile, compression and bending tests of materials such as rubber, plastic, braided belts, safety belts, civil cloth, wires and cables.
The LCD screen displays the test force, peak value, displacement, speed, test status, and curve in real time. The appearance is generous, easy to use and simple to operate. The parameters can be printed after the test, or saved in the controller for query and display.

Technical Parameters:
1.Main machine type: Single-arm structure
2.Testing machine type:Digital display
3. Max test force: 5000N
4. Measurement range:2% ~ 100% FS
5. Accuracy level of testing machine: Level 1
6. Accuracy of test force: ±1%
7. Min displacement reading: 0.01mm
8.Deformation accuracy: better than ± 1%
9. Speed range: 0.01-500mm / min
10. Test space: 600mm(Can be customized)
11. Main machine size: about 500 * 350 * 1350 mm
12. Weight: about 130kg
13.Power supply:AC 220V±10% 50Hz (Can be customized)
14.Working environment: room temperature 10℃~35℃, humidity 20%~80%

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