200Nm Automatic Horizontal Spring Torsion Testing Machine

Item No.: ZCTN-Z200Nm
This machine is mainly used for torsion test of various torsion springs, scroll springs and other elastic torsion parts.
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Product Introduction:
This machine is mainly used for torsion test of various torsion springs, scroll springs and other elastic torsion parts. Measure the torque of the spring at a certain rotation angle, or measure the rotation angle of the spring at a certain torque.

Technical Specifications:

Type Horizontal
Max test torque 200Nm
Test range 1%-100%FS
Min torque reading 0.1Nm
Resolution of torsion angle 0.1°
Test rotation angle 0~±360°
Accuracy of testing force ±1%
Relative error of torque zero ±0.1%
Max height of the sample 120mm
Distance between the force plate and the torque plate 0~200mm
Diameter of torsional plate  120mm
Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Dimennsions About 1500*400*980mm
Weight About 300kg
Grade of testing machine Grade 1
1. Two-way calibration of the torque sensor can be realized, and the torque accuracy is greatly improved;
2.Real-time display of time, torque, peak value, twist angle
3. With peak hold: the test torque gradually increases from 0, the system defaults to a new experiment and automatically records the peak value of the test;
4. The control method is simple, suitable for both precise measurement in the laboratory and batch inspection on the production line;
5. A maximum of 10 test points can be set, and the test results can show the torsional stiffness;
6. It can realize two functions of constant torque measurement and constant torque measurement;
7. The system automatically judges: set the standard value, allow the error, the system automatically judges whether it is qualified;
8. Pre-tightening torque can be preset in automatic mode, the torque angle is automatically cleared, and the test returns to the initial state automatically after the test is completed;
9. The first domestic large LCD screen with synchronous display of torque and torsion curve, which can intuitively reverse the mechanical properties of the spring;
10. With sensor overload protection: In order to protect the safety of the sensor and mechanical parts, the buzzer sounds when the torque received by the sensor reaches the set torque limit. If it is running at this time, the system will automatically run in the opposite direction until the torque stops after the normal range;
11. It can store up to 50 sets of data, and can query and print the torque, torsion angle, torsional stiffness and other data.

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