2000N Digital Spring Fatigue Testing Machine

Item No.: ZCPL-ZF2000N
This testing machine is mainly suitable for axial fatigue life test of various spiral cylindrical springs, gas springs, elastomers, elastic components and other components.
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This machine is mainly suitable for axial fatigue life test of various helical cylindrical springs, gas springs, elastomers, elastic components, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:
Max force 2000N
Max test longitudinal space 200mm(Can be customized)
Max test lateral space 100mm(Can be customized)
Frequency range 0~5Hz
Test frequency According to the actual sample
Max deformation 100mm
Counting capacity 999999999
Count stop accuracy ±1
Test working position: single working position According to the spring size and force value(Standard configuration:1)
Size   600*450*1000mm
Weight 200kg
Power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz (Can be customized)

1 The fuselage is made of high-quality thick steel plate to ensure that the machine can withstand the load for a long time without deformation;
2 The test space is adjusted by electric control, which is convenient and quick;
3 Install transparent and visible protective nets in the test area to ensure the safety of test operators;
4 The test load uses a domestic high-quality precision servo motor, which has stable output torque performance and reliable operation, and overcomes the impact of load changes on the machine;
5 The control program adopts the integrated design of the whole machine, which is beautiful, safe and easy to control
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