Contact door type spring tension and compression testing machine

The spring tension & compression testing machine is made according to People’s Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard JB/T 7796-2005 Spring Tension & Compression Testing Machine and JIS B7738-2001 Compressive & Tensile Coil Spring Testing Machine,
Technical specifications:
Model number ZCTL-D5000N
Working type Ball screw drive, precision motor load
Display type 7 "industrial touch screen
Data processing Auto-acquisition and processing, can save, query and print
Stroke 0-100%
Resolution of test force 0.1N
Relative error of test force zero point ±0.1%
Relative error of test force indicating value ±1.0%
Relative error of indicating value repeatability of test force 1.0%
Resolution of displacement 0.01mm
Error of displacement indicating value ≤±50+0.15lμm
Tensile test space 300mm (Can be customized)
Compression test space 300mm (Can be customized)
Diameter of pressure plate 120mm
Parallelism error of up and down pressure plate ≤0.05mm
Speed range 0.01-500mm/min
Maximum test speed 500mm/min
Maximum speed of doubling 500mm/min
Size of testing machine 560*300*1100mm
Net weight of testing machine 140kg
Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Noise 50dBA
Protective function Program, machinery double protection
Assembly, electrical, appearance Conform to National Standard GB/T2611
Packing and shipping Conform to the standard of machinery JB/T 6147
Grade of testing machine Grade 1