5000N touch screen spring tension and compression testing machine manufacturer in China

5000N touch screen spring tension and compression testing machine manufacturer in China
Description Technical specifications Working Environment
★ZCTEST is a set of measurement and control software specially developed for spring tension and compression testing machine, which integrates data acquisition, motion control and data analysis. It has complete independent copyright;
★ Have detailed test data for analysis, including measuring points, results, lower limit of allowable upper limit, judgment, piecewise stiffness, average stiffness, average compliance, free height;
★ four test methods, two test types, backhaul detection, reciprocating detection, etc.
★The system comes with a sample library, preset 20 kinds of samples, the user can set the corresponding parameters according to the requirements, can be directly transferred during the test, improve the test efficiency and reduce the operation difficulty;
★Automatic storage of test data, can store 100 sets of data, can be viewed, printed, exported, etc.;
★ Connect TF memory card, export test data to PC, and generate standard office report;
★Based on fast sensor data conversion, high-speed parallel disk can be set, and the compression height zero point can be set with one button;
★ Double protection of load sensor to prevent misuse of damaged sensor and mechanical structure;
★ Load units include Newton (N), kilonewton (kN), gram force (gf), kilogram force (kgf), pound force (lbf), kilogram force (kip) 6 international units, users can set up;


Loading type Motor load and electronic hand wheel(trimming) two types
Control type Full touch screen model
Load unit NkNgf kgf lbf kip
RangeN 1000、2000、5000
Min reading value of test force(N) 0.1
Load collection frequency 1000Hz
Test range 1%—100%FS
Test force resolution 1/1000000
Relative error of indicating value (%) Better than ±0.5
Relative error of indicating value repeatability (%) Better than ±0.5
Min reading value of displacement(mm) 0.01
Displacement acquisition frequency 10000Hz
Indication error of deformation measurement Better than ±50+0.15lμm
Tensile and compression test space (mm) 500
Compression plate diameter (mm) 100
Parallelism of compression plate (mm) 0.1
Test speed(mm/min) 0.01-1000
Size & Weight 530×275×1250mm  100kg
Power supply AC 220V±10%   50Hz
Noise dBA 59
Grade of testing machine 0.5 Grade
  1. At the room temperature range of 10℃-35℃; The relative humidity should be not more than 80%.
  2. No vibration around, no corrosive medium and without strong electromagnetic interference environment.
  3. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed the10% of the rated voltage.
  4. Should be installed correctly on the stable base.